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Deck Screw

Coarse Threads & Sharp Points;
Used for Attaching Pressure Treated Lumber.

Dry Wall Screws

Coarse, Fine, Self-Drilling & Hi-Lo.
For Attaching Drywall to Wood or Metal Studs.

Lag Screws

Hex Head with Coarse Threads and Sharp Points;
Used in Wood Applications.

Machine Screws

Steel, stainless steel or nylon.

Self Drilling Screws

Also known as TEK Screws,
"Drill-Bit Points" Eliminate Pre-Drilling.

Self-Piercing Screws

Metal Roofing Screws with Extra Sharp Point.
Hex Heads with Neoprene Washer Option.

Self Tapping Screws

Type A, Type AB,
Type B and Type U Drive,
also known as Sheet Metal Screws,
are ideal for applications that have
predrilled holes.

Sems Screw

Machine Screws with Pre-Attached
Lockwashers to Save Assembly Time.

Serrated Hex Flange Screw

Serrations Under Flanged Hex
Head Provides Locking Action.
In Steel, Grade 5 & SS.

Thread Cutting Screws

Sharp Cutting Tip Creates Mating
Threads in Unthreaded Material.
Available in Type F,  Type 1,
Type 23, Type 25.

Thread Forming Screws

Plastite-Style, Taptite-Style &
High Low Screws Form Their Own
Thread in Unthreaded Material.

Thumb Screws

Knurled & Standard Type P Styles;
Each with Washer Face / Shoulder Options.

Wing Screws

Cold Forged & Stamped Styles
Offer Hand Turning when Strong
Torque is Not Required.

Wood Screw

Standard with Coarse Threads,
Sharp Points & Unthreaded Shoulder,
also Deep Thread Wood Screws.


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